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All fees are in US Dollars. Annual Membership Fees cover each calendar year (January 1 - December 31), and are due by July 15th each year.  If you have NOT paid your annual membership fees for 2017 you must register for the annual conference as a Non-Member.  If you are a new member of IAMFA joining after September 30, 2017 your membership fees will cover through the end of 2018. 

If you are an Accounting Representative making a payment for an IAMFA member, please provide their contact information on the Contact Us page so we know who the member is, and we can contact them with details about their membership in IAMFA.

To Register as an Observer at the Benchmarking Workshop on September 24th, Click Here.  The cost is $350 US.

If you register for the conference and you require special meals, please use the Message Field on the Contact Us page.

There is a 10% Conference Cancellation Fee as long as the cancellation is far enough in advance before catering/event fees are locked in. (The deadline for 2017 is September 14nd)

You may only register for one "single day" registration.  If you wish to attend more than one day, you must register for the entire conference.

To pay your annual membership fees, there are 4 categories of membership to select from. To see which of these categories apply to you, click here.

Please remember to fill in your contact information on the Contact Us page. We need this information to send your copy of Papyrus Magazine, or to contact you with last minute information about the IAMFA Annual Conference.

Costs are expressed in US Dollars. To see how these convert to your own currency please click here.