Index of Past Technical and Historical Articles
Title   Author(s)   Issue
“Russian Doll” and Other Unique Fire-Protection Approaches for Irreplaceable Collections   Hal Davis   Winter 2015
2014 Benchmarking Practices and Learning Workshop   Keith McClanahan   Winter 2015
2015 Benchmarking Practices and Learning Workshop   Keith McClanahan   Winter 2016
2017 Benchmarking Update    Robert Lambe, CFM, Facility Issues   Spring 2017
A Facilities Engineer Goes to Heaven   Jack Plumb   Spring 2016
A Gallon of Water Weighs 8.34 Pounds   Jay Yelen   Summer 2015
A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum   Dmitry V. Rodionov   Spring 2009
Achieving Competing Goals   Michele Pacifico, Rebecca Ellis, Jeremy Linden, Sarah Sutton, Shengyin Xu   Spring 2016
Advances and Trends in Air Purification for Preservation Environments   Chris Muller, Rene Van Dijke, Richard Corel   Winter 2016
AIC-CAC-ACCR Meeting in Montreal   Jack Plumb   Summer 2016
Air Quality Standard for the Protection of Cultural Heritage   Peter Fish, Chris Muller and David Thickett   Summer 2014
Air Quality Standards for Preservation Environments   Chris Muller   Winter 2010
Air Tightness Strategies—The British Library Additional Storage Program Construction Project   John de Lucy and Julian Taylor   Summer 2006
Air-to-Water Heat Pump for Domestic Hot-Water Generation   Allan Tyrrell   Fall 2011
Anacostia Community Museum LEED-EB Certified   Kathleen Fleming   Summer 2015
Apprenticing in Facilities Management   Kate Hickman   Summer 2006
Architect of the Capitol Begins Restoration of the Capitol Dome Skirt   Architect of the Capitol    Winter 2012
Architect of the Capitol's Office of Security Programs Recognized for Excellence in Customer Service   Architect of the Capitol    Fall 2012
Art Institute of Chicago’s Unique Fan Wall System   William Caddick, William Strangeland, and Michael Murphy   Winter 2007
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki Opens its Doors to Virtual Visitors   Catherine Lomas, David Reeves and Patricia Morgan   Summer 2003
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki—Building Development Update   Patricia Morgan   Summer 2010
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki—The Kauri Ceilings   Patricia Morgan   Winter 2010
Awards for the Auckland Art Gallery   Patricia Morgan   Fall 2012
Be Seen in the Right Light: The Value of a Tight Lighting Specification   Mark Rowling   Summer 2003
Benchmarking at the National Library of Scotland   Jack Plumb   Winter 2013
Benchmarking Options: New Energy Survey and Classic Comprehensive Survey   Stacey Wittig   Fall 2012
Benchmarking Participants Save Their Institutions an Average of $1.79 M   Stacey Wittig   Spring 2011
Benchmarking Practices and Learning Workshop Revealed (2010)   Stacey Wittig   Winter 2010
Benchmarking Update Spring 2016   Keith McClanahan   Spring 2016
Benchmarking Utility Best Practices   Keith McClanahan   Spring 2015
Benchmarking Workshop - What Happens Behind Those Closed Doors?   Stacey Wittig   Winter 2013
Benchmarking Workshop Reveals Best Practices that Save Money   Stacey Wittig    Winter, 2012
Benchmarking Workshop: Sharing Practical Solutions   Stacey Wittig   Winter 2014
Benchmarking: A Comparison over Time   Stacey Wittig   Summer 2010
Benchmarking: How to Use Data as an Agent for Change   Stacey Wittig   Fall 2011
Benchmarking: What's New for 2013   Stacey Wittig   Spring 2013
Benjamin Franklin Museum: Renewing a Philadelphia Landmark   Thomas C. Jester   Spring 2014
Best Practices   Daniel D. Davies   Summer 2002
Best Practices Feature Article: Going with the Flow: Reducing Energy Costs for Chilled-Water Systems at the Art Institute of Chicago   David Brooks   Winter 2016
Best Practices Feature Article: Patch-to-Match: Art or Science?   Robert Weinstein, Judith Capen   Winter 2015
Best Practices Feature Article: Reducing Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.   Cecily Grzywacz, David Matthews, Ted Huynh and David Samec   Fall 2013
Best Practices Feature Article: Unlocking the Vast Untapped Opportunities of Data Analytics   Edward Spall   Summer 2016
Best Practices in Recycling   San Francisco Department of the Environment   Winter 2010
Beyond Hipopta agavis—Wet Collections Facility Design   Walter L. Crimm and Bryan L. Stemen   Spring 2004
BIM for Building Operations and Upgrades   Alyson Steele and Rob Fink   Fall 2013
Black & McDonald, CMM, and Museums   Richard E. Harding and Edmond Richard   Summer 2002
Boiler Replacement at the Natural History Museum in London   Glynnan Barham   Fall 2008
British Library Additional Storage Program   John de Lucy   Summer 2007
British Library Centre for Conservation   John deLucy and Harry Wanless   Winter 2007
British Library: An Energy-Saving Case Study   Patrick Dixon   Spring 2011
Building Conservation Management Plans   Sarah Drysdale   Winter 2016
Building Information Modeling: “To BIM or not to BIM?”   Sam Collard   Fall 2013
Canadian War Museum—River Water for Sanitary Use: Trials and Tribulations   Richard Harding   Summer 2006
Carbon Management at National Museums Liverpool   Ian Williams and Chris Bailey   Fall 2012
Carbon Saving at the Natural History Museum London CIBSE—100 Days of Carbon Saving   Glynnan Barham   Spring 2008
Care and Preservation of Slate Roofs    Deborah J. Costantini and Benjamin J. Robinson   Spring 2017
Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017 - IAMFA’s 27th Annual Conference   Guy Larocque   Spring 2017
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu: Maintaining a Facility Through 13,000 Seismic Events and Numerous Major Repairs   Lynley McDougall   Spring 2014
Climate Control of the Arnamagnæan Archive   Tim Padfield, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Poul Klenz Larsen, Mette Jakobsen and Lars Aasbjerg Jensen   Winter 2015
Communication Within the National Library of Scotland   Jack Plumb   Spring 2015
Consigli Recognized for Making Home of Boston Marathon Attack Survivor Accessible   Press Release   Spring 2017
Continuous Improvement   Thomas Westerkamp and Joseph May   Spring 2015
Continuous Improvement: Part Three in a Series   Joe May   Summer 2016
Continuous Improvement: Part Two in a Series   Joseph May   Winter 2016
Cool Efficiency at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry—Careful Planning and Analysis Leads to Successful Installation of New Central Plant   Elizabeth Miller, Anthony B. McGuire, David M. Brooks and Michael J. Murphy   Winter 2009
Corporate Sponsorship of IAMFA - Message from the VP of Administration   Randy Murphy   Spring 2015
Could Your FM Group be the Largest Donor at Your Institution?   Keith McClanahan   Summer 2016
Critical Renovations at the Milwaukee Art Museum   James Shields   Spring 2016
Dealing with Vendors, or Why I Wear a Necktie   Jay Yelen   Summer 2016
Designing Lighting and Power for the Modern Museum   Angela Matchica   Summer 2016
Does Your Door Hardware Meet the ACCESS Test?   Tom Westerkamp   Winter 2016
Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture Opens in Washington, D.C.   Daniel Davies and the Reynolds Center Public Affairs Staff   Summer 2006
Effects of Renovation Solutions in a Historical Building of Cultural Significance   Dr Fan Wang and Shashwat Ganguly   Summer 2015
Electrical Maintenance: An Opportunity Often Missed   Arthur Miller   Spring 2004
Energy Management Improvements at the Canadian Museum of Civilization   Guy Larocque and Todd Keeley   Winter 2002
Energy Star Roofs are Cool   Richard Stomber   Spring 2008
Energy Waste Due to Low Delta T in Chilled Water Systems    Michael Cummings   Winter 2014
Engineering Excellence Awards (2009)—Recovering the Lost Stream at Winterthur   Pennoni Associates   Winter 2009
Existing Building Commissioning   Rebecca T. Ellis   Spring 2008
Existing Building Commissioning    Ryan Lean and Molly Dee   Spring 2017
Experiences of a Facility Manager during the Evolution of Building Automation   Vincent Magorrian   Spring 2010
Exploratorium Construction Update   Jennifer Fragomeni   Fall 2011
External Vertical Shade Automation Project at the California Academy of Sciences   Hershow Al-Barazi   Fall 2012
Facility Managers Lead the Move to Green with Improvements in Energy Efficiency   Thomas A. Westerkamp   Summer 2010
Fade-Testing of Museum Objects at the National Museum of Australia   Nicola Smith and Bruce Ford   Fall 2011
Family Ties to the Auckland Museum   John deLucy   Fall 2011
Field Museum Achieves LEED-EB O+M Gold Certification   Ernst Pierre-Toussaint and Kevin Dick   Summer 2015
Fire Protection and the British Library Repository   John de Lucy   Spring 2006
First Issue of Papyrus   IAMFA Members   Winter 2013
Folger Shakespeare Library   David Conine   Fall 2013
Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington   Todd Garing   Winter 2014
Get a Grip: Sustainable Handrails at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum   Judith Capen   Fall 2013
Getting Started with Benchmarking   Keith McClanahan   Spring 2014
Getting the Most from Facilities Assessments   Jason Sawyer and Kendra Gastright   Spring 2014
Getty Center Becomes First Facility in the U.S. to be Rated “Green” through LEED-EB Certification   Joe May   Spring 2005
Grand Prix Winner for Architecture in Scottish Design Awards 2002—Engineering the Sustainable Museum Environment at the Museum of Scottish Country Life   Alastair Cunningham and Chris Mclaren   Summer 2002
Harley-Davidson Museum Hosts Facility Managers Roundtable   Stacey Wittig   Fall 2013
Harley-Davidson Museum—The First Museum to Gain GREENGUARD Certification   Tim Dotson   Winter 2009
Heritage Preservation Publishes First Comprehensive Study of Loss to Nation’s Cultural Heritage as a Result of 9/11   Heritage Preservation   Winter 2003
Historic Building Information Management: Mount Vernon 3-D Model Underway   Alyson Steele and Robert Fink   Spring 2015
History of Fire Protection at the National Library of Scotland   Jack Plumb   Summer 2014
History, Legacy in the New Canadian War Museum   Raymond Moriyama   Spring 2003
Hope College at Kruizenga Art Museum: A 15,000 ft2 Classroom   Helen Nie and Euan Cameron   Summer 2015
How Do You Safely Move an Atlanta Icon which is over 130 Years Old and Weighs over 12,000 pounds? Very Carefully    Jackson McQuigg   Spring 2017
IAMFA . . . The First Twenty Years   IAMFA Members   Summer 2010
IAMFA Environmental Group Meeting - Manchester Museum   Jack Plumb   Fall 2012
IAMFA Five-Year Strategic Plan (2013–2018): A Progress Report   IAMFA Board   Winter 2015
IAMFA International Conference—Chicago 2015   Jack Plumb   Winter 2016
IAMFA Peer Recognition Award   Tiffany Myers   Winter 2015
IAMFA Strategic Planning Update: A Year of Solid Progress   Nancy Bechtol   Summer 2016
Ideal Maintenance   Michael Harrold   Winter 2013
Image Permanence Institute’s Optimal Preservation Environment Approach.   Patricia Ford   Winter 2016
Importance of Evacuation Plans   Peter Fotheringham and Peter J. Gyere   Spring 2002
Important Topic of Bathroom Accessories in the Museum Setting   Darragh Brady   Winter 2013
Improving and Adding Value for Benchmarking Participants—A Year in Review   Stacey Wittig   Spring 2009
In The Light of Day—Daylight in Exhibition Spaces   Mirjam Roos and Emrah Baki Ulas   Spring 2011
Inside the Box   Jay Yelen   Spring 2016
Installation of New Disabled Access Ramp at The British Library, St. Pancras, London   Richard Warren    Summer 2014
Installations of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: A Dialogue Between Engineering and Architecture   Rogelio Diez and Luis Pablo Elvira   Summer 2002
Installing Melman at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image: A Great Collaboration between Facilities and Exhibition Teams   Cat Wilson and Shaun Woodhouse    Summer 2014
Introducing the American Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works - Collection Care Network   AIC Collection Care Network   Fall 2012
Is Outsourcing Right for Your Organization?   Guy Larocque   Fall 2006
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum   Museum Staff   Summer 2016
It Began Just Like any Ordinary Day—A Museum Facility Manager’s View of September 11   Lloyd O. Headley   Summer 2002
Just what is “Best Lighting”, Anyway?   Nathan Saxton   Summer 2015
Lean Green Means Museum Restroom Sustainability and Savings   Thomas A. Westerkamp   Summer 2009
LED Adoption by Museums—Survey Results and Recommendations   U.S. Department of Energy   Spring 2015
LED Use in the Museum Environment   Ken Kane   Winter 2010
LEED Certification for the National Museum of the American Indian   John Bixler   Winter 2012
Library of Parliament—Ready for a New Generation   Mary F. Soper   Spring 2005
Light Culture and Light Typology   Mirjam Roos and Emrah Baki Ulas   Winter 2010
Lighting: Control and Innovation   Mark Rowling, ERCO Lighting Ltd   Winter 2003
Linked In Group Collaborative Article: Which Call Center Structure Works Best for You?   IAMFA LinkedIn Group   Fall 2013
Long-Term Preservation at the Library of Congress   Nancy Lev-Alexander   Spring 2010
Looking at Art in a New Light—Conservation to Conversation   Mirjam Roos and Emrah Baki Ulas   Fall 2011
Looking at Art in a New Light—Greening Exhibition Spaces   Mirjam Roos and Emrah Baki Ulas   Winter 2012
Major Renovation Project at the National Gallery of Scotland   Robert Galbraith   Summer 2003
Making Light Work: How to Fit a Drum into a Rectangle— The full story behind the lighting of the Great Court in the British Museum, London   Mark Rowling, ERCO Lighting, Ltd.   Spring 2003
Making of a Book - The Care and Keeping of Cultural Facilities:
A Best Practice Guidebook for Museum Facility Management
  Judie Cooper   Spring 2014
Management of Energy Consumption—A Best Practice?   Marion F. Mecklenburg, Charles S. Tumosa, and David Erhardt   Winter 2004
Meet Archie, the Four-Legged Pest Controller   Sara Carroll   Fall 2011
Members Reveal Five Practical Applications of Benchmarking   Stacey Wittig   Spring 2010
Members Share Benchmarking Success—How to Use Benchmarking Results   Stacey Wittig   Summer 2009
Message from the Treasurer   Alan Dirican   Winter 2016
Microclimate Control in Museums   Jerry Shiner   Summer 2005
More than Just a Pretty Façade: Exterior Cleaning   Richard P. Kadlubowski and Coleman H. Bynum   Winter 2002
Moving Mountains - Snowzilla vs. the Smithsonian   Stephanie Lieberman   Spring 2016
Museum and Gallery Air Conditioning Control Systems   Howard Hall   Fall 2006
Museum and Gallery Maintenance Outsourcing—A Journey   Richard Harding   Summer 2003
Museum Environmental Standards - An Update   Julian Bickersteth   Summer 2015
Museum Environmental Standards in a Changing Environment   Vicki Humphrey & Julian Bickersteth   Winter 2012
Museum of Fine Arts   Museum Staff   Summer 2016
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Reopens its Huntington Avenue Entrance   David Geldart   Summer 2009
National Air and Space Museum Goes to Dulles with its Second Facility   Lin Ezell   Spring 2002
National Archives and Records Administration Using ESPC Projects to Help Prepare for Climate Change   Mark Sprouse, Kevin Anderson, and Ngan Pham   Spring 2017
National Gallery—Casting New Light on Old Masters   Steve Vandyke   Summer 2010
National Geographic Society is a LEED-EB Recertification Star   Michael Arny   Fall 2012
National Library of New Zealand Building Redevelopment   Rob Stevens and Pam Harris   Fall 2011
National Library of Scotland Installs Ultra-Efficient Turbomiser Chillers and Cuts Energy and Carbon Emissions   Roberto Mallozzi and Tom Mitchell   Winter 2013
National Museum of Australia - Expansion Program Includes an Innovative Café and Administration Extension   Greer Gehrt   Winter 2013
National Museums Liverpool   Ian Williams   Fall 2008
National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia   Chris Arkins   Summer 2009
National Portrait Gallery: A Plant Replacement Strategy   Allan Tyrrell and John Crane   Fall 2008
Networking and Sharing of Information: Our True Purpose   Vincent Magorrian   Spring 2009
New Building for the National Library of Greece   John de Lucy   Spring 2010
New Environmental Guidelines at the Smithsonian Institution   Marion F. Mecklenburg, Charles S. Tumosa, and David Erhardt   Winter 2004
New High for Atlanta   Kevin Streiter   Summer 2003
New Lighting System for the British Library Auditorium   Mike Wildsmith   Winter 2014
Old Buildings, Old Systems and Older Books: Fighting Mold and Decay   Michael Dixon   Summer 2003
Operations Review Reveals Hidden Maintenance Improvement Resources - Part Three   Thomas Westerkamp   Fall 2011
Operations Review Reveals Hidden Maintenance Improvement Resources— Part One   Thomas Westerkamp   Winter 2010
Operations Review Reveals Hidden Maintenance Improvement Resources—Part Two   Thomas Westerkamp   Spring 2011
Optimise Air Filtration and Minimise Energy Costs   Chris Ecob   Spring 2009
Other Harvard   Jay Yelen   Winter 2016
Out of Sight, Out of Mind..Museum Collections in Storage at Serious Risk Around the World   Simon Lambert   Winter 2012
Overview: Application of Molecular Filtration for Artefact Preservation   Chris Ecob   Spring 2008
Ownership   Jay Yelen   Spring 2015
Pandas Up-Close and Personal: A Tour of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s New Asia Trail   Alana Housholder   Fall 2006
Periodic Electrical Inspection and Testing—A Different Approach   Jack Plumb   Winter 2010
Peterborough Museum & Archives - Facility Renewal Project (2004-2014)   Susan Neale and Jon Oldham   Winter 2013
Peterborough Museum & Archives: Facility Renewal Project   Susan Neale    Summer 2015
Philadelphia Museum of Art   Rich Reinert   Fall 2012
Planning and Development of a New Distance-Learning Facility at the Philadelphia Museum of Art   Carl D. Freedman, AIA   Winter 2013
Practical Guide for Sustainable Climate Control and Lighting in Museums and Galleries   Emrah Baki Ulas   Spring 2015
Predictive Maintenance: Knowing How to See   Thomas A. Westerkamp   Fall 2013
Preservation Of A National Treasure: The Australian War Memorial   Mark Dawes and Risden Knightley   Spring 2002
Preserving America's Treasurers - Designing Energy-Efficient Archival Storage Facilities   Jeffrey Hirsch, William Jarema, and Dan Klein   Winter 2013
Preserving the Art and its House: The Art Institute of Chicago Improves its IAQ to Benefit Visitors and Staff   David Brooks and Michael Murphy    Summer 2014
Preserving the Pratt   Jessica Lavin Reid   Spring 2016
Preserving the Works of Shakespeare   Jessica Lavin Reid   Spring 2013
Priorities in Museum Security   Kes Narbutas   Summer 2016
Progress Report on the Smithsonian Institution's RCM Implementation Journey   Kendra Gastright   Spring 2016
Proposals for the Labeling of Buildings   Jack Plumb   Spring 2008
Proposals for the Labeling of Buildings   Jack Plumb   Summer 2007
Putting Theory into Practice - Sustaining Collections and Saving Energy at the Winterthur Museum   Lois Olcott Price and John Castle   Summer 2015
Reassessing the Environmental Requirements of the British Library   Paul Garside and Karen Bradford   Summer 2016
Recent Activities in Indoor Air Quality and Climate in Cultural and Heritage Institutions   William A. Esposito   Winter 2002
Record Attendance at Best Practices Workshop—Benchmarking Continues to be an Indispensable Tool   Stacey Wittig   Winter 2009
Reflections on Papyrus   Pierre Lepage   Summer 2010
Renaissance at the Royal Ontario Museum—Daniel Libeskind’s Crystal Design   Royal Ontario Museum   Winter 2003
Repair and Maintenance of Historical Marble and Limestone Structures: Regular Maintenance Key to Longevity   Arthur L. Sanders and Lawrence E. Keenan   Summer 2016
Restoring a Landmark: Conservation Projects at Tudor Place   Alana Housholder and Jana Shafagoj   Fall 2006
Results of the Planning Session in San Francisco   Guy Larocque   Spring 2011
Reviving a Landmark: Renovation of the National Gallery of Art’s Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Fountain   Hilary Evans   Summer 2016
Reviving a Rare Tasmanian Heritage: The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Redevelopment Project    Richie O’Sullivan, Emrah Baki Ulas, Michael Harrold and Chris Arkins   Summer 2014
Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne   Kim Reason   Winter 2004
Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: Partnerships and Resources   Jane S. Long   Spring 2003
Scott’s “How to Change a Lightbulb”  Checklist   Scott Rosenfeld   Summer 2015
Seasonally Adjusted Setpoints -A Route to Reduced Energy Consumption Within a Library Environment   Jack Plumb   Spring 2013
Security Challenge Keeping Museums and Similar Facilities Secure in Challenging Times   Bill McQuirter   Spring 2002
Shore Sydney Church of England Grammar School   Anu Anna George   Summer 2016
Show Must Go On - Preserving Film While Preventing Wastewater Pollution at the Library of Congress   Tim Minner   Summer 2015
Smithsonian Institution’s Arts and Industries Building Phase-2 Renovation Project   Maurice Evans   Fall 2011
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute   Fernando Pascal   Fall 2006
Smithsonian’s Approach To Condition Assessment— Deferred Maintenance Parametric Estimating   Larry Grauberger   Summer 2008
Snow-Melting Modifications to Vehicle Ramps at the Canadian Museum of History   Terry Brambles   Spring 2014
Spreading the Word IAMFA Networking Within the Wider FM Industry   Ben Melham   Spring 2017
Sprouse Receives IAMFA Peer Recognition Award    Neal Graham   Spring 2017
Steensen Varming's 80th Anniversary   Steensen Varming   Winter 2014
Stewardship and the Diefenbunker   Brendan Goodfellow, Stephanie Miles and Ian MacLean   Summer 2014
Success with Wireless Temperature Sensors   IAMFA’s LinkedIn Group   Summer 2014
Summertime Blues   Patrick Jones, Michael Murphy   Spring 2016
Survey of the 2015 IAMFA Annual Conference   IAMFA Board of Directors   Spring 2016
Sustainability and Proper Roof Design   Craig S. Isaacson   Winter 2014
Sustainability Certification for Cultural Institutions   Adam Meltzer   Winter 2013
Sustainable Design Approach to Preservation Centres   Martin Turpin   Winter 2012
Sustainable Energy Reduction from Relaxed Environmental Criteria in Five Canadian Cities   William Lull   Summer 2015
Switching Off - Sustainable Collection Storage at the National Library of Australia   Erin Dampney   Spring 2013
Tales from the British Library—A Year of Energy Opportunities   Paddy Hastings   Spring 2010
Te Wao Nui at Auckland Zoo   Natalie Hansby   Winter 2010
The National Museum of the American Indian: LEED EB Certification    Ryan Doyle   Spring 2017
Transformation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art   Donald Battjes   Summer 2008
Transforming a Globally Unique Cultural Institution   Shaun Woodhouse   Winter 2009
Troubled Relationship—How Can Shared Risks and Goals Make Good Bedfellows?   Lois Olcott Price and John W. Castle   Summer 2016
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration - Sustainability and Beyond   Kevin Anderson and Donald Overfelt   Winter 2013
UK Chapter visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam   Jack Plumb   Winter 2015
Unexpected Attendance at the Lighting Designer's Academy Awards   Alan Dirican   Winter 2012
United States Library of Congress Archival Storage Facility— Protecting the Past, Present and Future   Jon Netherton   Winter 2009
United States Library of Congress—Archival Storage Facility, Fort Meade Protecting the Past, Present and Future   Jon W. Netherton and Neal Graham   Spring 2008
Urban Bird Control: A Green Alternative   Stacey Wittig   Fall 2008
Using 21st-Century High-Tech to Restore a 19th-Century National Treasure   Michael Culcasi   Summer 2016
Using Benchmarking to Justify Your Operating Costs   Keith McClanahan   Summer 2015
Using the System to Your Advantage   Linda Dingley   Winter 2016
Using Thermal Imaging to Diagnose Water Penetration and Condensation of the Walls at the Hirshhorn Museum   Marion F. Mecklenburg and Alan Pride   Summer 2005
Vacationing during the 25th Annual IAMFA Conference   Joseph May   Winter 2016
VCT versus Linoleum in Collections Storage Areas   Sarah Ghorbanian, William Lull, Cecily Grzywacz, Barbara Appelbaum   Spring 2013
Visit to The Mary Rose   Allan Tyrrell   Spring 2015
Visitor Experience Project at the British Museum   Sara Carroll   Spring 2009
Waste Heat Recovery at The Art Institute of Chicago   Patrick B. Jones   Summer 2014
Who's Afraid of Green Museums: Fear and Loathing and HVAC   Elizabeth Wylie and Niall Cooper   Fall 2012
Within These Walls   Joe Hernandez-Kolski   Spring 2015
Work Management Center Communication   John L. Standish, Sr.   Fall 2006