Regular Member Conference Fee

$ 750 USD



Guest Conference Fee

$ 450 USD



Guest Under 12 Conference Fee

$ 200 USD


Pre-Conference Day of Tours

$ 75 USD


Post-Conference Day of Tours

$ 75 USD


If you are not a member of IAMFA, please remember to fill in your contact information on the Contact Us page. We need this information to contact you with last minute information about the Conference. If you register for the conference and you require special meals, please use the Message Field on the Contact Us page. 

Non-Member Conference Fee

$ 950 USD



Non-Member Confrence Fee (not employee of a cultural institution)

$ 1150 USD



1-Day Conference Fee

$ 250 USD


Observe at Benchmarking Workshop

$ 250 USD



We will post a fee at a later date for attending the closing gala dinner for those not registered for the conference.

Retired IAMFA Members who were members in good standing for 5 continuous years may register for the conference as a guest.  If you do this, you need to use the Contact Us page to let us know whether you will attend the Guest Program or the Delegate Program.